Welcome to James Crossman's guide to studying English Conversation for Dongguk University Freshman students.

Although I've built this site specifically for MY students if you are not one of my students PLEASE feel free to check out my site I hope that you will find something that can help you too!!

You have now left the comfort of high school and entered the NEW WORLD of a Dongguk University student, Your first few weeks will likely be a little scary. I've created this website to help introduce you to the NEW WORLD of English Conversation that you have now entered. PLEASE take the time to look through this website as it will help you feel more comfortable about studying in my English Conversation classes. I've included the syllabus that will be followed for your class, for the spring semester "AMERICAN HEADWAY 1A" - Units 1-7 and for the fall semester "AMERICAN HEADWAY 1B" - Units 8-14. I have also included some HELPFUL HINTS and links to other ESL websites that may interest and help you. These include sites that you can use to help imrove your WRITING, GRAMMAR and TOEIC skills.










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